Slowing Down for Joy

Even in the midst of a time that comes with a forced slowing down, I’m hurrying. My attention span is nonexistent, darting from one thing to the next and back again in cyclical motions to the point of not getting anything done at all. Or, when the thing gets done (finishing a book, writing anContinue reading “Slowing Down for Joy”

Embodied Worship

  I grew up in churches (and cultures) where worshiping with your body was viewed rather judgmentally. At least, you knew who the congregants were who raised their hands while singing, and they always sat in the very front pews. When I was in middle school, my family attended a couple mega-churches for short periods of time,Continue reading “Embodied Worship”


I entered the chapel with a couple hundred other students, and the only thing I felt was numb desperation. Where was God? Why couldn’t I find Him? Why couldn’t I see Him? Why didn’t He seem to be in any of the usual places I found Him? God has always communicated with me in veryContinue reading “encounter”

Reflections on Psalm 65

Psalm 65 is a praise song of God’s goodness. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of affliction and suffering of all kinds, God is still good and holding all things together. He showers His blessings upon the earth, beckoning us into freedom. He never promises an easy road, but He does promise anContinue reading “Reflections on Psalm 65”


A chorus of voices – barely audible at first, then resounding against the gracefully arched windows and beautiful brick walls – rose to welcome the newcomers in. They did not wag their fingers and shake their heads. They did not scoff at how immature the newbies must have been. They did not puff out theirContinue reading “Welcome”

When the Spirit Moves

It was easy to hide behind a label. Introverted. She was introverted. She felt uncomfortable in a sea of people. Worship was awkward at first. She was distracted by others, wanting to fit in but feeling awkward about fitting in. The most she did was clasp her hands, though often at home during personal worshipContinue reading “When the Spirit Moves”