the year of letting go || pt. i

— falling — The spring semester of 2019 found me putting up a busy and smiley facade while plodding through one of the lowest lows I’d experienced to that point. After a couple years of thinking my only mental battle was generalized anxiety, I was suddenly also diagnosed with mild to moderate clinical depression. I’dContinue reading “the year of letting go || pt. i”

Day 13 – Folding

In her prayer to open the class time, Megan misspeaks and says “before You go” instead of “before we go.” It strikes me that such a simple change of phrase can bear such comforting meaning in a time of stress. God goes before us. God is already in all the places we are about toContinue reading “Day 13 – Folding”

Take These Empty Hands

Take my hands and let them be consecrated, Lord, to Thee. I opened my hands in prayer and began unspeakably to cry. I was struck weak by their emptiness, their vulnerability, their human form. These hands had tried. They had tried to grasp what my eyes failed to see. Frantically, fearfully. Always fearfully. These handsContinue reading “Take These Empty Hands”

Embodied Worship

  I grew up in churches (and cultures) where worshiping with your body was viewed rather judgmentally. At least, you knew who the congregants were who raised their hands while singing, and they always sat in the very front pews. When I was in middle school, my family attended a couple mega-churches for short periods of time,Continue reading “Embodied Worship”