Weighty Sin, Weightier Mercy

I am appalled at some of the headlines these days about how individuals are responding to the government restrictions. I am appalled at my own tendency toward impatience when I am told to do or not do something especially when tensions run high. We are selfish beings, idolatrous in how we are so wrapped upContinue reading “Weighty Sin, Weightier Mercy”

the light shines in the darkness

I have dirtied the temple of God with my sin. I have defiled his name, showered worms plump with soil upon my head. I sit in sack cloth and ashes. These chains are heavy. They drag me back to the grave. This flesh is weak. I lust after twisted versions of fulfillment, idolatrous copies ofContinue reading “the light shines in the darkness”

When relationships falter

A realization: Satan’s lies always target relationships and communication. He targets our relationship with God, first of all. Satan would like nothing more than for us to stop speaking to God, to stop listening to God, to stop inviting God into our lives. Honestly, being actively mad at God and telling him so is betterContinue reading “When relationships falter”