collected thoughts, i

This morning I hit the snooze button for an hour and a half before writing a draft for a paper in one hour instead of two and a half. I’m still tired and the coffee isn’t helping. * Sometimes all you can do is write one or two lines at a time. * I believeContinue reading “collected thoughts, i”

Day 13 – Folding

In her prayer to open the class time, Megan misspeaks and says “before You go” instead of “before we go.” It strikes me that such a simple change of phrase can bear such comforting meaning in a time of stress. God goes before us. God is already in all the places we are about toContinue reading “Day 13 – Folding”

Day 9 – Getting Through

From the journal: “Why can’t I enjoy a warm, summer day? Am I so numb and apathetic that I can’t be invested in pursuing joy and finding contentment in things that once made my heart sing and set my mind free? Am I so tired that I can still feel sad on days like this?Continue reading “Day 9 – Getting Through”


I entered the chapel with a couple hundred other students, and the only thing I felt was numb desperation. Where was God? Why couldn’t I find Him? Why couldn’t I see Him? Why didn’t He seem to be in any of the usual places I found Him? God has always communicated with me in veryContinue reading “encounter”

A Different Kind of Sickness

The flies are fat. You’re losing your appetite. The big kids are exploring the city on a Friday night. You’re holed up in the library’s basement in a frenzied attempt to catch up on studying, even though that’s all you’ve been doing for the past five hours. The sun is shining. Your heart feels cloudyContinue reading “A Different Kind of Sickness”

When the Spirit Moves

It was easy to hide behind a label. Introverted. She was introverted. She felt uncomfortable in a sea of people. Worship was awkward at first. She was distracted by others, wanting to fit in but feeling awkward about fitting in. The most she did was clasp her hands, though often at home during personal worshipContinue reading “When the Spirit Moves”