Poem: For Now

We watched the lightning show from my bedroom window, carmine and hibiscus dancing behind charcoal clouds,angelic hallelujah light. I scolded youfor being on your phone, but you were curiousabout gas excitation and electrons so,in retrospect, that was probably okay.Apparently lightning is five times hotterthan the sun, and Zeus is married to Hera,the goddess of childbirthContinue reading “Poem: For Now”

Take These Empty Hands

Take my hands and let them be consecrated, Lord, to Thee. I opened my hands in prayer and began unspeakably to cry. I was struck weak by their emptiness, their vulnerability, their human form. These hands had tried. They had tried to grasp what my eyes failed to see. Frantically, fearfully. Always fearfully. These handsContinue reading “Take These Empty Hands”