From the first page of summer’s journal

Just now a heron (a crane? a stork?) flew right over me as I stood by my window watching the dusk gather itself into evening, and I am at a loss for words to describe how it made me feel. As its form rose over the trees and turned to climb above the fields, IContinue reading “From the first page of summer’s journal”

collected thoughts, vii

Once, I thought a tiny tumbleweed was a groundhog with matted fur. Then it blew away. * Last week I revised an essay about love lost, love learned, and love rediscovered. It was a lot more emotionally exhausting to write than I thought it would be. I kept crying. Among many other things, the pastContinue reading “collected thoughts, vii”

collected thoughts, iv

Taking many solitary walks means learning how to identify birds by their call: oriole, robin, downy woodpecker, mockingbird, house finch. * One of my writing professors asked if I had attended any virtual church services. I said no, I hadn’t. * April 2 was the first day since March 11 where I woke up withoutContinue reading “collected thoughts, iv”

collected thoughts, iii

This one is a little on the more difficult and heavy side. If you’re dealing with your own emotional burdens and reading about someone else’s may make your battle harder, please feel free to close out the tab and come back another time. But if you have space somewhere to help me bear this, I’dContinue reading “collected thoughts, iii”

things i miss

– crying in the office – laughing in the office – dancing in the office – hugs from my mother – hugs from my friends – hugs from people I didn’t get many hugs from – coming home to the apartment – reading in the apartment – singing in the apartment – the train –Continue reading “things i miss”