collected thoughts, ix

One year ago today, I was on my way to London. * The midnight after “Notes on a Conditional Form” was released, I texted Kailin, “How we feeling about the new 1975 album?” and thus ensued an intense conversation about postmodernism, lyrics, intimacy, all the “behind the song” cards included with each track in Spotify,Continue reading “collected thoughts, ix”


The world came to a standstill on March 11. Everything we had hoped for, dreamed of, trusted in, crumbled in our hands and tumbled across the globe as invisible non-life broke through sandy faith and crushed our fragile reality. We sank, defeated, into ourselves and cried, clung to any last dangling lights we could findContinue reading “Crux”

the light shines in the darkness

I have dirtied the temple of God with my sin. I have defiled his name, showered worms plump with soil upon my head. I sit in sack cloth and ashes. These chains are heavy. They drag me back to the grave. This flesh is weak. I lust after twisted versions of fulfillment, idolatrous copies ofContinue reading “the light shines in the darkness”

Day 9 – Getting Through

From the journal: “Why can’t I enjoy a warm, summer day? Am I so numb and apathetic that I can’t be invested in pursuing joy and finding contentment in things that once made my heart sing and set my mind free? Am I so tired that I can still feel sad on days like this?Continue reading “Day 9 – Getting Through”

Holy Saturday

Even the Pharisees began to have second thoughts. They had noticed the supernatural events surrounding Jesus’ death (the rending of the curtain, the uncanny darkness in the middle of the afternoon, the opened graves, etc). They kept thinking about how Jesus said He would be killed at their hands, only to rise triumphant on theContinue reading “Holy Saturday”