Things that make home’s heart beat

– dogs barking at each other from between hills – wild daffodils – bubbling streams – hunting trails marked by pink and orange flags – the potent smell of mushroom fields – roosters – dad falling asleep to the weather forecast – a bed of yellow flowers – journaling outside – people who smile whenContinue reading “Things that make home’s heart beat”

City on a Hill

A white blanket of darkness lingers over the land. Drifting, dancing, swirling, silencing, the snow drapes across rooftops and dusts magic over parked cars and street lights. Faint squeals of joy from little ones echo through the hills, as the gruff scraping of shovels on asphalt indicate brothers’ persevering attempt to clear away the iceContinue reading “City on a Hill”

A Work in Progress

It’s funny, this constant jumping back-and-forth. The two points are so similar and yet so different, and I find myself using language that makes it all the more confusing. Where’s “home?” Who am I talking about when I say “our?” What am I referring to when I say “my?” Am I searching for kindred spiritsContinue reading “A Work in Progress”


A chorus of voices – barely audible at first, then resounding against the gracefully arched windows and beautiful brick walls – rose to welcome the newcomers in. They did not wag their fingers and shake their heads. They did not scoff at how immature the newbies must have been. They did not puff out theirContinue reading “Welcome”