When relationships falter

A realization: Satan’s lies always target relationships and communication. He targets our relationship with God, first of all. Satan would like nothing more than for us to stop speaking to God, to stop listening to God, to stop inviting God into our lives. Honestly, being actively mad at God and telling him so is betterContinue reading “When relationships falter”

Day 29 – Divine

Two drunk and stuttering men sit on a bench at the outskirts of the woods. They flip the tabs off of too many beer cans, jeer at the passersby and chain smoke cigarettes. It’s raining. I hurry past with my resting don’t-mess-with-me face and catch myself judging them. They want to forget. Don’t we all?Continue reading “Day 29 – Divine”

Days 25 – 28

Day 25: Longing for a home I wander off into the National Gallery, lost in music and beautiful art. Several paintings remind me of my mother: Renoir’s portrait of a woman reclining in a long chaise and cradling a sleeping puppy in her arms, Eugene Carriere’s “Winding Wool,” Elizabeth Louise Vigee le Brun’s “Self PortraitContinue reading “Days 25 – 28”

Days 14–17

Wifi is unreliable and time is not always available in generous helpings when traveling. Although I will continue to document things everyday, I will end up having to post them in sets like this one. Bear with me on the longer posts! Also, I will no longer be posting my daily photo challenge here onContinue reading “Days 14–17”

Day 13 – Folding

In her prayer to open the class time, Megan misspeaks and says “before You go” instead of “before we go.” It strikes me that such a simple change of phrase can bear such comforting meaning in a time of stress. God goes before us. God is already in all the places we are about toContinue reading “Day 13 – Folding”