Day 6 – Dissociation

While we conducted close readings of “The Wanderer” and “The Seafarer,” a real-life storm raged its way across town outside. It seemed that night had fallen in the middle of the afternoon, and the rain ricocheted against the window panes as thunder threatened to make the ground tremble. As the skies surrendered their burdens toContinue reading “Day 6 – Dissociation”

Stories from 4FF4: Life is a Gift

In the morning, I thought of you and smiled.  It still aches. It hurts to remember that you’re not here. And yet, somehow, I feel as if you’re still here. Your smile is alive and well. Your laugh rings through our hallways and the little family room in your split-level house. Your kindness still touchesContinue reading “Stories from 4FF4: Life is a Gift”

Overwhelming, Never-Ending

His love comes after me. He breaks through my passivity, opens my sleepy eyelids, and kicks down my walls of flippancy. He brings life to my numbness, warms my frozen heart, and aligns my path to His. My stumbling, hesitant footsteps had begun to drag. Where was God? He was all around me, all theContinue reading “Overwhelming, Never-Ending”