weekend fragments

I remember getting mad at God when he asked me to obey and I did and I ended up getting my heart broken because I did the right thing. It turns out that happens a lot. Jesus called his disciples straight into a storm and asked them to trust him. In the end he calmedContinue reading “weekend fragments”

Send it to the cross

(Photo taken by Samantha St. Cyr) I remember being here last year: heartbroken. My spine crumpled into the hard wooden cross, tears splashing between my splayed fingers. “Please take away my anxiety.” Another girl testified God had healed her mental illness. One year later I’m told I have depression, too. I fight it. A fewContinue reading “Send it to the cross”

Embodied Worship

  I grew up in churches (and cultures) where worshiping with your body was viewed rather judgmentally. At least, you knew who the congregants were who raised their hands while singing, and they always sat in the very front pews. When I was in middle school, my family attended a couple mega-churches for short periods of time,Continue reading “Embodied Worship”