A Different Kind of Sickness

The flies are fat. You’re losing your appetite. The big kids are exploring the city on a Friday night. You’re holed up in the library’s basement in a frenzied attempt to catch up on studying, even though that’s all you’ve been doing for the past five hours. The sun is shining. Your heart feels cloudyContinue reading “A Different Kind of Sickness”

Training Ground

Bloom where you’re planted, but don’t be afraid to be uprooted when it’s time for you to grow elsewhere. I wrote that down towards the beginning of this journey. I realized that it was the start of some grand adventure that God had laid out for me. I realized it was time for a change.Continue reading “Training Ground”

Making Time for What Matters

A couple years ago, I made the commitment to move my set-aside time with the Lord to the early mornings. I woke up an hour earlier each day to spend time reading the Bible, praying, and listening to quiet worship songs. But after several months, I fell out of that habit. Suddenly, I was trying toContinue reading “Making Time for What Matters”