2021 in books

In 2021, I read approximately 27,071 pages across 105 books. Per habit, tradition, ritual, etc., I’ve compiled some of my favorites here for your perusal. I hope these stories share something of hope from my bookshelf (and reading community) to yours. *Some of these words are taken from my Goodreads reviews, lest you believe I’mContinue reading “2021 in books”

2020 in Books

This year was the year of story. I clung to the narratives I found veined across paper when it felt like my own was crumbling like so much sand between my fingers. In the midst of the wilderness — silences, lengthy depressive episodes, pixels, temptation, lonely nights and lonely walks, difficult but needed good-byes, aContinue reading “2020 in Books”

collected thoughts, i

This morning I hit the snooze button for an hour and a half before writing a draft for a paper in one hour instead of two and a half. I’m still tired and the coffee isn’t helping. * Sometimes all you can do is write one or two lines at a time. * I believeContinue reading “collected thoughts, i”

some musings on reading & technology & God

My mother offered to buy me a Kindle as a Christmas present. I poured out my thanks but turned her down. “But you won’t have a lot of space in your tiny D.C. apartment for books,” she said. “I’ll pile my books on the floor if I have to,” I said. “It’ll be easier toContinue reading “some musings on reading & technology & God”

Days 19 – 24

Day 19: Pentecost I receive communion from the Archbishop of Canterbury. The bread and wine are sweet as if to counteract the bitterness I’ve felt toward God for some time now. A man on the street sings a strange rendition of “Hallelujah” and rails about the heartless passersby who won’t even stop to smile atContinue reading “Days 19 – 24”