selected features and arts clips

Literature for Life: How Reading Shapes Our Worlds (4.5.21)

Presence in Absence: Campus art show, ‘Proximity,’ ties artists together through reckoning (4.5.21)

A Declaration of Hope: In “Two Black Churches,” Dr. Shawn Okpebholo portrays faith in the midst of racial injustice (12.18.20)

Cherishing Christmas: Dr. Timothy Larsen presents a multifaceted study of the holiday in a new, edited volume (12.18.20)

What Poetry Taught Wheaton’s New Provost About Leadership (11.16.20)

Buzzworthy: How four Wheaton women made the cut (2.7.20)


Discovering the Liberal Arts (3.22.21)

Christian Student Development in Indonesia (2.15.21)

Belonging and Presence Through Art (11.14.20)

Music as an Offering (10.30.20)

Creative Vision (10.23.20)

news clips

Wheaton College Campus News: Spring 2021

Wheaton College Campus News: Winter 2021

selected essays, poetry, and guest blog posts

For Now (poetry — The Pub 10, spring: 2)

On Sin and Togetherness (5.13.20)

Life in Death (4.15.20)

Learning to Wait (3.13.20)

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