As a brand journalist, I specialize in creating story-based content for higher education institutions in business, healthcare, and the arts. Here is a selection of my work.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Forefront of E-Commerce | 7.12.21
Jasleen Kaur is among those situated at the cutting edge of innovating online grocery technologies.
North Carolina State University

Dare to Fail | 6.21.21
Jeffrey Stonebraker is empowering the next generation of students to discover their unique passions.
North Carolina State University

Does Innovation Always Equal Success? | 6.15.21
New research by Dr. Yuanfang Lin provides a seemingly counter-intuitive framework for innovation.
University of Guelph

Leading the Charge | 6.14.21
Major Luke High, MBA ’16, is part of a trailblazing effort to transform the practice of marketing.
North Carolina State University

First Desautels Prof to Win Prestigious McGill Medal | 6.11.21
News article highlighting Nancy J. Adler’s accomplishments.
McGill Reporter

Arts and Culture

Literature for Life | 4.5.21
Narrative shapes personal and group identity. Hear from 40 Wheaties on what book changed their life.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

Presence in Absence | 4.5.21
Campus art show, ‘Proximity,’ ties artists together through reckoning.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

A Declaration of Hope | 12.18.20
In “Two Black Churches,” Dr. Shawn Okpebholo portrays faith in the midst of racial injustice.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

Cherishing Christmas | 12.18.20
Dr. Timothy Larsen presents a multifaceted study of the holiday in a new, edited volume.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

What Poetry Taught Wheaton’s New Provost About Leadership | 11.16.20
Long-form feature of Dr. Karen An-Hwei Lee.
The Wheaton Record

Belonging and Presence | 11.14.20
Student profile of Elliot Young ’21, a computer science and art major.
Wheaton College (IL)

Music as an Offering | 10.30.20
Student profile of Allison Chang ’21, a music education major in the Conservatory of Music.
Wheaton College (IL)

Buzzworthy: How Four Wheaton Women Made the Cut | 2.7.20
Investigative, long-form feature about why women cut their hair short.
The Wheaton Record

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