As a brand journalist, I specialize in creating story-based content for higher education institutions in business, healthcare, and the arts. Here is a selection of my work.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Former NBA Player Josh Childress Establishes Scholarship at UCI Merage School
“I wanted to find a way to eliminate barriers that might prevent minority students at UCI from considering a career in real estate.”
University of California–Irvine

Fifth Annual MIPC Highlights the Value of Experiential Learning
“What might look innovative on paper may come with significant barriers in the real world. MIPC bridges those gaps and encourages students to ask—and answer—those hard questions.”
McGill University

Inspiring Culinary Joy,
One Dish at a Time
Ethan Chlebowski gave up a comfortable consulting career at Deloitte to pursue his passion for cooking. Now, he works full-time as a food content creator.
North Carolina State University

Building a Brighter World
Through home construction, alum creates spaces where people live, dream, and make memories.
University of California–Irvine

MAC Alumnus Making Waves in Bermuda
“I have the privilege of working with multinational firms while being able to walk down the street and see a familiar face from around the island.”
North Carolina State University

A Holistic Approach to DEI
“Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re moving the needle in the right direction.”
Poole Business Magazine

Cultivating Intentional Community
“Intentional engagement is crucial for preparing the next generation of thought leaders, storytellers and community builders.”
North Carolina State University

Unlocking the Potential of Family Relationships in Entrepreneurship
“Diversity is important, but teams also need unity to help drive productivity.”
Poole Thought Leadership

A Legacy of Service
After a decade of active duty in the U.S. Army, Christian Peralta is hanging up the uniform and pivoting to a career in business leadership.
University of California–Irvine

Medicine and Healthcare

Confronting vaccine hesitancy in Montreal’s most diverse borough
The student team is leveraging art and language to scale health barriers in the community.
McGill University

Making strides toward a cure for diabetes
“My primary goal is to find ways to help the body heal itself naturally.”
Western University

Adapting pediatric emergency room protocols to pandemic realities.
McGill University

Advancing surgical education during a pandemic
Investigating COVID’s impact on residents whose hours in the OR have been drastically curtailed.
McGill University

Fall forum tackles value-based care with star-studded panel
“The adverse effects of primary care’s decline have never been more apparent.”
Fordham University

The Anatomy of Learning
An ongoing study explores how blended learning can be implemented in the lab.
McGill University

Arts and Culture

Literature for Life
Narrative shapes personal and group identity. Hear from 40 Wheaties on what book changed their life.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

Presence in Absence
Campus art show, ‘Proximity,’ ties artists together through reckoning.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

A Declaration of Hope
In “Two Black Churches,” Dr. Shawn Okpebholo portrays faith in the midst of racial injustice.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

Cherishing Christmas
Dr. Timothy Larsen presents a multifaceted study of the holiday in a new, edited volume.
Wheaton Alumni Magazine

What Poetry Taught Wheaton’s New Provost About Leadership
Long-form feature of Dr. Karen An-Hwei Lee.
The Wheaton Record

Belonging and Presence
Student profile of Elliot Young ’21, a computer science and art major.
Wheaton College (IL)

Music as an Offering
Student profile of Allison Chang ’21, a music education major in the Conservatory of Music.
Wheaton College (IL)

Buzzworthy: How Four Wheaton Women Made the Cut
Investigative, long-form feature about why women cut their hair short.
The Wheaton Record

Story-telling starts with story-listening.

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