Days 54 – 56

Day 54: Many oofs The mountains are the arms of God. What if you came seeking to be filled but really needed to be emptied even more? What if you came hoping to find yourself again but found more of God? (If you want to hear more about today you’re going to have to askContinue reading “Days 54 – 56”

Days 45 – 49

Day 45: Reflections on memory Just before chapel I sit in the garden by the river. I do some homework, read, listen to music, and my heart is calm. A little light creeps into my heavy body and lifts it for a moment. T.S. Eliot writes in “Little Gidding” that memory is the liberation fromContinue reading “Days 45 – 49”

Days 41 – 44

Day 41: The difference Magdalen College is quintessential Oxford. We make a short trip there in the morning and some of my classmates lead us in psalm and prayer in the very chapel C.S. Lewis would worship in. Our voices rise to the ceiling and reverberate against the carefully stained glass and stone walls. WeContinue reading “Days 41 – 44”

Days 30 – 36

Day 30: Flowers in your hair Today is about capturing the little moments happening on this big, big span of cliffs. Of individuals losing themselves in the grandeur of the sky, the sea, the space. Of getting lost and somehow still stumbling out of the forest and onto the main road (if it can evenContinue reading “Days 30 – 36”

Day 29 – Divine

Two drunk and stuttering men sit on a bench at the outskirts of the woods. They flip the tabs off of too many beer cans, jeer at the passersby and chain smoke cigarettes. It’s raining. I hurry past with my resting don’t-mess-with-me face and catch myself judging them. They want to forget. Don’t we all?Continue reading “Day 29 – Divine”

Days 25 – 28

Day 25: Longing for a home I wander off into the National Gallery, lost in music and beautiful art. Several paintings remind me of my mother: Renoir’s portrait of a woman reclining in a long chaise and cradling a sleeping puppy in her arms, Eugene Carriere’s “Winding Wool,” Elizabeth Louise Vigee le Brun’s “Self PortraitContinue reading “Days 25 – 28”

Days 19 – 24

Day 19: Pentecost I receive communion from the Archbishop of Canterbury. The bread and wine are sweet as if to counteract the bitterness I’ve felt toward God for some time now. A man on the street sings a strange rendition of “Hallelujah” and rails about the heartless passersby who won’t even stop to smile atContinue reading “Days 19 – 24”

Day 18 – Adventure

Today was so dreamy I don’t know how to write about it in a way that will hold your attention as much as it held mine. But I will try. We explore Dover Castle – buffeted by the ocean winds, climbing the steep stone stairs, wrestling backpacks and tourists and cameras – and picnic inContinue reading “Day 18 – Adventure”