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poem: re-

This one’s more an experiment and a heart cry than anything I would publish elsewhere. Re– reckoning with retrospectiverevelation of reciprocation reminded that reality’srecompense is reconciliation * rewinding from reviewingrepentance un-requited released by a readinessrelinquished […]

dearly beloved

dearly beloved I miss morning light dappled across off-white pages of out-of-print poetry. I miss waking up to the blackbird’s songand the goose’s melancholic question. I miss ambling down the dirt road remainsof a lane […]

2021 in Books

In 2021, I read approximately 27,071 pages across 105 books. Per habit, tradition, ritual, etc., I’ve compiled some of my favorites here for your perusal. I hope these stories share something of hope from my […]


When people ask me if I’m writing anything, I want to say, “Yes, I’m collecting fragments.” Because isn’t that what the majority of writing is? Gathering fragments in our small attempts to put the world […]

Redefining Home

Home is a concept that has undergone many a change in my heart since freshman year of college. Those earlier years of confused dislocation are documented well enough. But this year in particular has forced […]

work as love

Nobody prepared me for the identity crisis that is “no longer being a student.” I’ve been working as a full-time brand journalist for two weeks now, and I’m face-to-face with the reality of indefinite work […]

honest desires

Back in February, over kombucha and apple cider, I was trying to process with one of my mentors about a rapidly approaching decision I had to make. To say yes felt wrong, somehow, but I […]


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