Photo by Kailin Lee

Hey there! As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, my name is Eliana.

I just graduated with a B.A. in English Writing from a small liberal arts college outside of Chicago. By way of next steps, I turned down a secure corporate job to wander the country while working as a freelance/contract writer. Terrifying, and not something this planner usually embraces. I’m still not really sure what God is doing here, but I trust it is good. If you’re interested, you can peruse a selection of my bylined work here.

And some random tidbits you wouldn’t know from just browsing through my work.

Raspberry dark chocolate is my weakness, I have a Spotify playlist for everything, I’m an Enneagram Type 6w5, earth tones are my vibe, and books & coffee are my love languages.

Stay safe out there, friends. It’s a chaotic world we live in but there are pockets of peace and light in it if you look carefully and faithfully. Let’s keep making art and telling stories.



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