Photo by Kailin Lee

Hey there! As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, my name is Eliana.

I’m a brand journalist exploring the world through short-term leases and occasional stays in my high school bedroom, currently touched down in the Seattle area and falling madly in love with the PNW. Somehow snuck out of college with a writing degree (who let me do that?), a newly enhanced book-buying obsession, and a lot of ideas about faith that would probably make my structured Calvinist family roots quake. But no harm done. The point is following Jesus, and I’d love if you joined me here in examining the nuances of what it means to pursue the Lord and live in the knowledge of his love.

As a writer, I like to understand that craft as fragment collecting, bringing together pieces of beauty and experience and meaning to create something new. And my cheesy tagline is, “Story-telling starts with story-listening,” because I genuinely believe that every good story starts with paying attention to the people and world around you.

Stay safe out there, friends. It’s a chaotic world we live in but there are pockets of peace and light in it if you look carefully and faithfully. Let’s keep making art and telling stories.



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