Things that make home’s heart beat

– dogs barking at each other from between hills

– wild daffodils

– bubbling streams

– hunting trails marked by pink and orange flags

– the potent smell of mushroom fields

– roosters

– dad falling asleep to the weather forecast

– a bed of yellow flowers

– journaling outside

– people who smile when they pass each other

– a bamboo grove next to an abandoned school house

– late dinners

– rose bushes

– thunderstorms and warm blankets

– baseball bats and basketballs and ping-pong paddles

– childhood stuffed animals

– big windows

– lots and lots of space

– faint train whistles

– horse whinnies

– old yearbooks stored at the very top of a bookshelf

– the lowing of cows from the pasture behind our house

– trying to pay attention despite disappointment

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