Day 7 – Senses

From the journal:

“I haven’t had a sense of smell in two weeks [for various reasons]. Today I realized it’s starting to come back, but every time I inhale a deep breath outdoors, I highly dislike the smell that assails my senses. It smells like polluted air. It’s not sweet. Like freshly cut grass mixed with saw dust and exhaust fumes, or body odor mixed with moldy vegetables.”


The Head and the Heart released a new album earlier this month and I somehow didn’t know about it until two hours ago. It’s incredible. Their music never disappoints.

I miss my guitar. I miss songwriting. I miss trying to teach myself tabs and failing miserably every time.

Didn’t you know?


Chocolate ice cream isn’t nearly as satisfying as chocolate ice cream swirled with vanilla ice cream. Stale cones don’t make the experience any better.


We visited Special Collections today. I felt unworthy to run my fingers over centuries-old parchment, to hold Ethiopian copies of scripture bound with twine between blocks of wood and hidden in a box, to gaze upon the micro-drawings in the margins of a Psalter, to behold old music notations beneath protective plastic sheets. I was a geek and a scared puppy all at once.


T.S. Eliot is objectively one of the best poets. I’m not so sure about some of his essays, but gosh. His poetry robs the very words from my mouth yet compels me to speak and explain the throbbing that rises to the surface of my consciousness.



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