Day 5 – Simple Things

The interesting things always happen right after I post these reflections…

Last night I closed my laptop with a satisfied sigh, relieved that I’d finished writing and photo editing at a reasonable hour. Seconds later,  I realized I didn’t have the key to my apartment with me, and my roommate had gone to bed two hours before.

I ended up borrowing Kailin’s clothes and sleeping on the couch in her apartment. I think we’re going to be friends forever.


Summer. Warm breeze. Air conditioning. Mellow tunes. Bare feet in the grass. S’mores around a bonfire. Mosquito repellent. Children’s giggles. Watermelon. Vulnerability. Stories. Late drives with the windows rolled down. Angst-y music.


Today was a chill day. And that’s perfectly okay with me.


Processed with VSCO with a3 preset

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