I’m learning to live life in the moment.

Are there things I want to remember forever? Yes. Are there times when the leaves are just so beautiful that I can’t help but take a few photos? Yes. And I think that’s okay, as long as I spend time to just be. I can experiment with lighting, color, and angle because that makes me happy. But it’s also important to just breathe in the cold air and let my eyes drink their fill of beauty without the viewfinder.

Are there things I want to tell the world? Yes. Are there times when something reminds me of someone and I have to tell them right then and there? Yes. And I think that’s okay, as long as I make sure to spend real, quality time with people away from the distraction of the cacophony of Internet voices. We can subliminally say “I miss you” with a general post. But it’s also important to look them in the eye and just be together.

When something matters, I make real time. Even if that has to be a video call because of distance and scheduling, it’s personal and real. It’s not like just shouting into a void of followers. It’s for them: that one person in that one pocket of time.

I’m learning to distinguish what’s real. A lack of posts and likes between good friends separated by distance shouldn’t mean the friendship is dying. It just means we’re waiting for those wonderful moments when we get to give each other our full, caring, personal attention.

Perhaps some of the strongest friendships are those that carry on despite distance, not because of social media, but because they know how to use social media wisely.


Earlier this evening I came across the following video that really speaks to my thought-process, so I wanted to share it with you, too. **there is a swear word at 1:12, as a heads up if you’re uncomfortable with that**

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