Stories from 4FF4: Life is a Gift

In the morning, I thought of you and smiled. 

It still aches. It hurts to remember that you’re not here.

And yet, somehow, I feel as if you’re still here. Your smile is alive and well. Your laugh rings through our hallways and the little family room in your split-level house. Your kindness still touches us.

I know it’s because you’re more alive now than you ever were on earth. You’re singing and dancing in Heaven.

Every day that you fought was a moment from God. Every day was a blessing. Every day was more time: more time to love you, to write to you, to laugh with you, to pray for you.

Life is a gift we too often take for granted. We don’t see the multi-faceted beauty of its reflected light until it’s suddenly snatched away, snuffed out like a candle. Even then, it’s easy to scorn life, to think it’s not worth living.

But I think the fragility of life lends itself to our task. It creates a renewed urgency to love the people around us all the more.

Life is a gift. Why waste it standing by the side of the road when we could be walking alongside others and being part of their story?

He might not have lived as long as I and others would have desired. But in the years he was given, he walked alongside countless individuals. He shared the gospel, he loved people, and he gave of himself for others as Christ sacrificed Himself for him. He lived the gift of life to the fullest for God. 

I want to live like he did. Won’t you join me?

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