Language study suddenly became a discussion of how to share the gospel with that culture. There was no desire to turn the conversation back to the lesson plan, nor was there any pressure to hush up for fear of offending. We explored cultural differences and how to cross those bridges. We talked about the importance of friendship and showing somebody that you truly care for them and want to take the time to be invested in their life. We conversed of how discernment is essential for determining situational factors that may spur on or impede someone’s receptivity to the gospel. It sparked something new inside me, and brought me peace in the old.
4FF4 was attentive today. She hung on every word from the man across the sea inspite her initial hesitancy. She grew fervent in her desire to praise her Savior, the one who came to seek and save the lost. She longed to share that glow with others.

A girl tripped and fell on the slippery cobblestones. With a bag of books pitching her forward, she hit her head, hard, and lay stunned. She was expecting people to laugh, to move on with their life and shake their heads at the girl who couldn’t walk in the rain. But many stopped to ask if she were okay, and a few waited with her, offering encouragement. And by their kindness, soon she was on her feet again. A few strangers took time out from their own busy schedules to walk with her to her next appointment.

A boy with an armful of heavy boxes walked up to the door and looked over at a stranger standing nearby. Without hesitation, the stranger smiled and used her card to open the door for him. He laughed and thanked her, and they went their separate ways.

These are the little things. These are the snapshots of life we too often miss.

Here’s to looking up more. 

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