A Glimpse of Heaven

The tears began to stream down his careworn cheeks. As he looked out over the crowd, full of bright-eyed, growing children of God, he realized they were all part of a legacy.

It was a legacy of Kingdom work, of going forth in God’s light for the sake of the gospel. It was a continuation of the Jesus’ mission, bestowed upon each fresh mind. It was a determination to give their all to the Savior who gave His all for them.

His voice trembled as he issued them a charge. You’re the next generation, he said. You’re the people God is using now and will use next to fill my shoes. You will rise up in the training He’s given you and do great things. You will build upon that cornerstone.

A hush settled over the crowd as something new seized their bodies. Hearts pounding, blood rushing, they set their faces as flint to the battlefield. There would be no wasting time, but time spent wisely and wholly for Jesus.

Over two thousand voices joined together in an impromptu singing of the doxology. An eight-part harmony immediately began, as voices soared as one in praise of the Father.

This, she thought, must be what Heaven will be like, yet infinite times more beautiful.

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