A chorus of voices – barely audible at first, then resounding against the gracefully arched windows and beautiful brick walls – rose to welcome the newcomers in. They did not wag their fingers and shake their heads. They did not scoff at how immature the newbies must have been. They did not puff out their chests and strut around like proud roosters. They did not glare and look the other way. They did not turn their backs.

They smiled genuine smiles of joy for the new flock. They raised their voices in a song of welcome, of love. They clapped their hands and cheered their hearts out, for they knew these were Kingdom-workers just like them. They worshiped the Lord together and danced to praise Him, for the night was young.

We love you, they said. We love you because Jesus loved us first.

They participated in the Lord’s Supper together: no boundaries, just love, founded in Jesus’ sacrifice on that wonderful, awe-inspiring cross.

All were one. Age did not matter. Gender did not matter. Color did not matter. Language did not matter.

What mattered was Jesus. What mattered was to declare His glory as one body, united in His name, and going forth for the sake of the Kingdom.

This was home.

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